How to Read More Books in Less Time | How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading

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Today, I would like to touch briefly upon a topic that I have expertise on (at least according to me). It’s on “How to Read More” or “How to cultivate the habit of reading”. It sounds way more planned than it deserves to be. But these are simple tips and tricks to keep your focus on the reading, when it could/should be JUST on reading.

How to Read More Books in Less Time

Use the precious commute time

travel commute reading
Who else spends at least an hour or two commuting to work? or anywhere, in a day? At least I did, around 2 hours a day. The only rescue was my Kindle. I used to load up the Kindle with good books, and read through the journey. You could do something similar too, if you want to read more. Traveling time is the easiest no-brainer time that you can use for reading. Unless, you want to catch-up on that much needed sleep, in which case I wouldn’t be able to help you much!

Make a checklist/bucket list

evernote app for reading
Keep your own database-kind of the books that you want to read, would like to read, interested in etc. This not only keeps track of what you want to read, but helps you analyze the progress as well. If the progress is more, you will naturally read more too. You could use any of the now available smartphone apps such as Google Keep, Evernote, Sticky Notes, Google Drive etc. You could even go old-fashioned and keep a separate book/journal for the same.I personally prefer using any of the above apps (usually Google Keep), but I also use Goodreads to track the number of books I have read. More on that in the next point.

Join a reading club or have a reading buddy

reading buddy
When you have a like-minded buddy or a group, the journey seems way more fun. You might end-up motivating each other to read more books than what you are capable of. If that’s too tough, why not just download Goodreads app? You could keep “virtual” shelves for yourself and keep participating in reviews, forums etc.

Go for audio books

audio books for reading
Mundane grocery shopping in a supermarket? Regular kitchen work or household chores? or a walk in the park for that matter? Enter – audiobooks. You don’t have to do anything, just put your earplugs on, and listen.

Vacation time = More reading time

vacation reading

We all know this, but no one would want to “spend time reading, instead of sightseeing”. We pack our books/kindle but don’t take it out. Traveling is usually done to take some time off or see places. Reading will be of the least priority there. But plane/bus/train commute is the first place where you could take out your books. And as and when you get time during your vacation or take vacations just to read! Sounds crazy, but go someplace nice, near and inexpensive and read your brains out. You wouldn’t regret it for sure.

Don’t read more than one book at a time

stack of books
Yes, sounds opposite to the intention of the title of this post but it isn’t. Reading more than one book at a time only makes your focus drift in different directions and you might end-up taking longer to finish 5 books together rather than 1 at a time. Eventually losing interest in reading altogether. So why risk all that?

Pick books of your interest

books of interest
Put that checklist/goodreads shelves to some use, analyze the pattern and pick up books of the genre that you like.
Fan of well-plotted murder mystery? Go for the Agatha Christie, Stephen King etc. Always go for books that interests you, which will eventually make you read more without you putting additional effort. Start experimenting slowly once your reading has become a habit.

Exchange books with your book buddies/or find one online

If budget is your worry, worry-not. You do not have to buy new books every time your heart desires to read. Find someone who would be more than willing to share their books. It could be your neighbor, friend, friend’s friend or a relative. This would be a nice opportunity for you to socialize as well as speak your mind about books to someone! And as a courtesy, kindly return the book in the same shape (and size?) as you took it. You could also share your books with them which you have read.

Do you have any tips apart from these? Do comment! Also, let me know if this post helps you.


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3 thoughts on “How to Read More Books in Less Time | How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading

  1. Reading more books in less time feels like a commitment.
    Reading books in free time sounds like a time-pass.
    Reading a lovely book and putting yourself into that plot as one of the character is an experience.

    Nice write-up:) Loved it:)

    1. Thanks, Sheels. You put things very well into words. Reading shouldn’t be forced on anyone. If one loves reading and yet hardly gets “time” to read, should trick their minds 🙂 You are an excellent reader yourself. Thanks for your wonderful comments 🙂

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