5 Reasons Why We ReRead Our Favorite Books

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Have you been victims of re-reading books again? So have I been. There was a time when I used to reread Harry Potter books like a lunatic. If I have some free time, my best way to spend it would be to reread old books or watch TV shows that I loved (Friends, DexterBreaking BadHouse MD anyone?). So here are the,

5 reasons why we reread our favorite books

  1. It’s like talking to an old friend again

    reread is like talking to an old friend
    You couldn’t have and even now can’t have enough when you talk to an old friend. Re-reading books gives you a similar feeling, it’s similar to being in a comfort zone, where you are familiar about everything and nothing is lurking behind the corner to sweep your breath away or make your heart skip a beat.

  2. The movie adaptation is coming out and you don’t want to lag

    books for movie adaptation
    The movie adaptation of your favorite novel is coming out. It’s been a while since you read it. You obviously do not want to lag or “miss” anything. Hence, you want to “revise” it. Yep. Been there, done that.

  3. Known devil is always better than unknown friend

    known devil

    Why pick a new book and risk it, while you have known a good book that you heart it? (Sorry for the poor rhyme, but I HAD to do it! Angel). A known place is where you feel comfortable. So, one coming back to get the same feeling is not shocking. It’s actually pretty normal.

  4. Have an emotional attachment with the characters

    emotional attachment
    In short, you consider the characters as family. You know each and every behavior of theirs. You love the lead/supporting characters and support their decisions as the plot goes further. And… you want to relive those memories and feelings again! Simple, right?

  5. It’s your happy place

    reread books happy place

    The ultimate reason and excuse for everyone to go back to a comfort zone. It’s YOUR happy place! What other strong reason does one require to re-read books apart from that? After all, we do what we are happy with (If we don’t, we have to alter our ways).

These are the reasons I think we reread our books that were our favorite. Which all books have you reread till now? And how many times? *winks*

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We ReRead Our Favorite Books

  1. Few from my end…:)
    6. Older the book, better it smells. You wont just stop by smelling it. You actually start reading before even you realize, that was not the reason you took that book out for.
    7. Few places you visit seems familiar though you visited it for first time. You had already imagined that place in one of your favorite book. Ah! Which book was that? What sequence? Ah! How can I forget it?!! et me see:)

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